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About Us

You can enjoy the softness of a feather down with the support of your memory foam. The bamboo memory pillow is one of the best pillows that you will ever sleep on. It is comfortable in any position because it offers malleability in addition to firm support. But how is that possible? Unlike memory foam pillows, the foam is shredded, which means it is easily adjustable, and will mould the pillow into the perfect shape for you to sleep on.

The pillow has a bamboo cover to help regulate the temperature and increase the breathability for you to stay cool and asleep throughout the night.

Most importantly, these pillows offer proper support which can help to alleviate snoring, insomnia, asthma, neck pains, jaw problems, and migraines.

When you first start off with the bamboo pillow, you may notice an earthly and woody smell; it is just the bamboo cover, and the smell will dissipate after a couple of weeks. If you find the smell unpleasant, then it is recommended that, you keep the pillow out in the air for about a week, but will need to flip it daily before using them in bed.

The pillow vacuum is sealed for safety and support. Once taken out of the package, the foam will feel uneven and compacted, so you can push, pull, and massage the pillow to achieve its maximum fluffiness!

The minimum size of the pillows is 28 inches x 19 inches, with a breathable bamboo cover.