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I can really admit that at first I felt hesitant to buy this pillow, but I was very satisfied after I bought and used it for a period of one month. It was exactly the same as per description, which I found on the website. The pillow has seriously changed my life for the better. Some people may say "this" or "that" regarding the pillow, but for me, I am in much comfort now. Every morning when I wake up I feel very refreshed.
- Suzanne
I've had this pillow for 3 months now. There was no pungent smell when I opened it for the first time. Both sides are incredible soft, and you can put it in the washing machine as well. Though I prefer a thicker pillow, after buying the bamboo pillow, I got everything that I wanted. When I press it with both my hands, it squeezes down, and as you release it, it goes back to the normal position. I did not get this feeling with other pillows.
- Charles
Since my husband has Lou Gehrig's disease, he spends a lot of time in bed and in his moisture wheelchair. Hence, this pillow is very important for him. The fabric is two sided like the micro fabric texture, and it is excellent for any desired position. This bamboo pillow worked so well for me that I ordered a second one for my birthday. The thickness is perfect, and the length is good enough even for a wider shouldered person, which is very good.
- Rose
This pillow is a huge squeezer, snoozer, heavy sleeper, and it has worked wonders for me. I have fiddled around with several pillows on my bed for nights, until I found the bamboo pillow, which gave me the most comfort. This is an excellent product, and whoever invented it, gets a thousand thank you's from me. The design of the product is pretty excellent. Forget the expensive tempupedic ones; this is the best item I have ever purchased.
- Richard
I really like this bamboo pillow, since I am a tall girl with wider shoulders. I sleep on my sides, and often fall down from the normal pillows. One day I found out about bamboo sleeping pillows. These are nice quality pillows with just the right amount of balance between soft and firm, creating such a comfortable night's sleep. I am really sensitive to smells, but gosh, there are no smells at all.
- Valentina
My husband and I have extremely interrupted sleep due to unnecessary tensions we possess. Hence, one day a friend told me about bamboo pillows, so I bought one, and yielded magnificent results in the process. Definitely worth buying.
- Diana